Monday, June 3, 2013

This morning after we completed our service at the hospital and as we were driving into the apartment parking lot, we saw the Sisters were just leaving. We could see that they wanted to talk to us and so we maneuvered the car around, rolled down the windows and they said they were going to lunch at the Golden Corral and do we want to go with them. We agreed, so they parked, hopped in the car with us and off we went. We had a real nice lunch together and enjoyed the time we had to visit. Afterward, we walked over to Aldi's which is just across the parking lot and did a little grocery shopping.

This evening at FHE it was just the Esteps and us. All our soldiers who came so faithfully have now graduated and left and most of the other LDS soldiers are on a mid or night training schedule. We hope that we can get a few to come out and join us. Even our regulars haven't been coming lately due to schedule changes and other such things. Anyway, we are here for them to provide activities and other enjoyable experiences.

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