Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wow, what a day! At the Augusta ward today, as we walked in, a member of the Stake Presidency was there standing at the back of chapel. We didn't think too much of it except that we just had the Stake President and one counselor last week in our meetings. Anyway, Elder Gowans proceeded around the room greeting the members of the ward and as usual with about 5 minutes before meetings, he went and sat down. On the stand, there seated, was President Hunt, the Bishop and then an older gentlemen who he did not recognize. The Bishop got up to start the meetings and he began by recognizing on the stand Elder Cornish of the Seventy! Wow, what an unusual occurrence, to have a General Authority at Sacrament meeting is very unusual. We then realized he was there for his daughter who is in our ward. She and her husband had just had a baby and he was there for the blessing. He did speak at the conclusion of the Sacrament meeting for about 10 minutes. Do to the ward make-up, we know there were many members who did not realize the significance of his visit.

During Sunday School, Elder Gowans received a phone call from one of our AIT students. He felt an urgent need to take the call, so he dashed out to the hall way and answered and then he felt impressed to go outside. Just as he finished the phone call, up the stairs from the parking lot walks a family who they had been visiting, trying to visit and encouraging to come out to church. They looked like the model LDS family. He quickly walked over to them and welcomed them and took them inside. He asked if they had ever met Bishop Burgess, they replied that they had not. Just as they walked in and rounded the corner, the Bishop walked into the Clerks office. Elder Gowans walked up to him and said, "Bishop I'd like to introduce the Stewart family to you"! He immediately recognized the name and invited them into his office. We don't know what happened after that. Hopefully a lot of good!

After our meetings ended we dashed home for lunch and then up to the Fort. We received a text message from a brand new fellow, Brother Sharp, he needed a battle buddy to pick him up for church. He is a young 18 year old fellow, who being trained in the Army, but at the same time preparing for a mission. We will be able to help prepare him for his priesthood advancement and his preparations for a mission. We are looking forward to assisting him.

Also, we have 3 new families moving into the area, whose spouses are in AIT. They all  happened to come in the same week. So we have two tomorrow, Monday, and one on Wednesday. The first one, tomorrow, we will likely take him around and show him some apartments he can move his family into. His wife is the army member. The other two, one will move into the same complex we live in and the other is moving into housing on post because he will be in training for the next 6 or 7 months.

After our meetings ended we went over to the Johnson home to see if they kept their commitments to read, study and pray. We found out they had not. However, they are still willing and want to, so we invited them to set their phone alarm to go off right after they put the children to bed to remind them. Then we studied the second chapter in the Gospel Principles Manual. We perceive that Sister Johnson has a good solid understanding of the basic principles, they have simply allowed bad habits to enter life, which has made it difficult to attend to their duties. No Word of Wisdom issues, other than going to bed on time on Saturday, so they can get up on time on Sunday.

After our visit with the Johnson Family, we drove up into Grovetown and visited the Voyles. He has just returned home from the Middle East for his two week vacation. He will head back in 11 days. He timed his return to be in time for their Anniversary, her birthday and a child's birthday. It was nice to meet Brother Voyles, he seems to be a very good fellow. We love his family as we have visited them from time-to-time over the past 5 months or so.

It has been a wonderful and very eventful day!

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