Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This morning Elder and Sister Gowans had to divide and conquer. Elder Gowans dropped Sister Gowans at the Estep's so she could help cut out and sew vests for Steven's wedding. Elder Gowans went to Brother Cambell's graduation from his Endodontic school. Nine residents graduated. The school was 2 years in length. They had some severe trials during the duration of this school; one trial occurred last summer when he sent the family home for a vacation and give him time to step up the studies. While in Utah, she was diagnosed with cancer in her female organs. She under went surgery to remove the cancerous organs. He in the meantime was out here in Georgia living in a house that was being sold out from under him. We happened to meet him for the first time during all this severe trial. We eventually helped him move onto post when the family moved back to Georgia, after Sister Cambell recovered.

After the graduation, Elder Gowans went up to the Estep's to see how things were going. While there we had lunch. Shortly afterward, a call came in from Brother Barton, he was ready to go apartment hunting. Elder Gowans met him at our apartment and from there we went to the local library and then hunting. After about an hour we found one that was in their price range and in the August ward, where we thought they would be most comfortable and be able to be a strength to the ward.

Afterward, Elder Gowans returned to the Estep's, picked up Sister Gowans, and we returned home for a short time and then headed over to the Cheney's so Sister Gowans could meet her. Then we drove up to Sister James' home to see how she was doing. We found that her mother was there with her and that everything was fine. From there we went to visit Sister Arnett. Our visits with her usually run about 2 hours. Yes, that is a long visit, but living alone she rarely has a friendly person to talk to and down load all her frustrations onto. So we had a nice visit with her and helped her get boxes out of her attic, so she could start preparing for her upcoming move. It has been a long, but very productive day!
 Photos from the Graduation
 After the graduation was complete, they called all the families up to the stage and gave their husbands, wives, mothers and fathers back to the family.

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