Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This morning we attended our District Development Meeting. We now have 10 missionaries in our district; 2 senior couples, 1 companionship of sisters, and 2 companionships of Elders. Ten missionaries in the Augusta Ward! We learned that President and Sister Holm will come down to Augusta next Tuesday to meet with the entire Zone, nearly 50 missionaries. They are coming to say goodbye as we will be handed over to the Georgia Macon Mission on the 1st of July.

After our meeting we zipped home so we could eat lunch and get back on the road again. This month's Chaplain's meeting was a week early, thank goodness! It all works out. If it had been next week, Elder Gowans would have had to either miss it, or miss part of the Zone meeting with the Holms. As it worked out, it was held today.

This evening, we went out to visit the Stewart family. They have just recently been coming back to church. It made our hearts leap when we saw them returning to church. They have such a beautiful little family. It was a choice day. Afterwards we dropped in on Sister Janssen. It was just in time. She was trying to get mattresses on her daughter's new bed; so we were able to help her with those.

It is wonderful to be able to serve. We love our mission!

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