Friday, June 14, 2013

Yesterday, while visiting Sister Anderson, out on post, she told us her lawn mower had broke, it wouldn't start. So we told her we'ed see about getting it fixed for her. After we returned home, Elder Gowans called President Estep about using his truck to pick it up and take it to a repair shop. President Estep, said to use the Sortage, and bring it to his house and he would take a look at it. So at 8 am this morning Elder Gowans drove up to Post got the lawn mower, took it the Estep's and within 30 minutes he had it running. It was a fouled spark plug. He cleaned it up good and it ran like a champ. Elder Gowans returned the lawn mower to a grateful young lady and then headed home.

This evening we discussed the importance of the principle of forgiveness in building a Zion people and in moving forward the Kingdom of God, here on the earth. It was a good evening (Sections 63, 64, 65). We met and became acquainted with Elder Douglass, he replaced Elder Heywood whose time to return home had come.

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