Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brother Palmer, one of our Student/Soldiers, will graduate this Wednesday and will leave for home either Thursday or Friday. He requested that Elder Gowans make his Death by Chocolate Cream Pie for the Linger-Longer after church on Sunday. On Saturday evening, we made up 4 pies; another Sister in the Augusta Ward, Sister Deming, had requested that we give her the recipe. We decided to take half a pie to her and her family and then give her the recipe. While we were making the pies, we had to carefully record the recipe, for we didn't really have the entire thing written down, it was simply a "That sounds good" recipe. The entire Deming Family have been reassigned to Korea this year and will leave in a month. We will miss them very much, but know they will have great adventures in The Land of the Morning Calm. The pies were very well received!

After church, we took a slice of pie to 3 of our Sisters whose husbands are deployed, just a little treat for them to now that we love them. As we were finishing our deliveries, we decided to go visit the Halloway family; they have 10 children, in a small post house. My hat is off to them! The children are truly wonderful, very well behaved. They will be here until November, when his training is completed. As we were leaving we received a text message from our Branch President who was letting us know he had just received word of a new soldier on Post from the soldier's dad. We decided to run over to where he would be and look him up. We did find him and while there we visited with another member and her friend who she had brought out to church a couple of weeks ago. Good things happen when we are out and about; the Lord opens ways for us to love and fellowship.

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