Monday, May 27, 2013

Being Memorial Day, we decided to take a short trip out to Beach Island, just over the border in South Carolina and visit Redcliffe St. Park. Redcliffe was the stately home of the James Henry Hammond family of the mid 19th century. It remained in the Hammond family for four generations, until 1975 when it was given to the State of South Carolina as a state park. John Shaw Billings was the final owner of the family, he was also managing editor of Time and the founder of Life Magazine. The estate is very beautiful with large oak, magnolia and cedar trees.

This afternoon we decided to take in a movie. We went and saw Jack the Giant Killer. It was an enjoyable movie. We don't remember what the last movie we saw was, nor when it was we saw it.

We said goodbye this evening to Brother Voorhees and our newly baptized brother, Brother Glore. They will both be moving on to new assignments on Thursday.

 Walking up to the house, the stables are in the background
 Elder Gowans in the carriage
 The stables, the property had a system of saving the rain water. The water would run off these steep roofs and then be collected in an under ground storage facility. The water could be pumped out and used by the family. 
 Some of the beautiful trees

 Redcliffe Manner


 Magnolia blossom
 The entry way. The first floor and the second floor were constructed under the same floor plan; however, over the years modifications had been made to include the addition of two bathrooms. The main entry way was flanked by four rooms, two on each side of the hall. 
 Mr. Hammon wanted people to think he was Christian
 Joy, our tour guide, she did an excellent job
 The library, contained about 2000 books. 
 The children's study table. Enough room for 6. 
 The slave quarters

 More Magnolia blossoms, they have a very beautiful, very sweet odor. 

Elder Gowans, perched in the seat of a Magnolia tree

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