Saturday, May 25, 2013

Another tremendous Saturday! This morning we had President and Sister Estep come with us to visit the troops. The women went together and the men went together. President Estep and Elder Gowans was able to find 3 new soldiers that arrived at the end of last week; Brothers Ellsworth, Padron and Maxfield. Each one is in a different unit. The good thing is we found them and had a real nice visit with each one. We were also able to visit with Brother Baker who also is in the process of preparing his mission paper work. President Estep had a good visit with him. We also visited with Brother Edwards who wants to receive his Patriarchal Blessing. The arranged to get that done on Tuesday. We were also able to visit with several other young men who we don't see very often. Sister Estep and Sister Gowans visited with two of our Sisters, Sister Nuusila and Sister Cox. All together we were able to visit 14 of our soldiers.

This afternoon, after returning from Post we worked on next Friday's Institute class; Elder Gowans took a nap during the middle of the preparation and then finished up this evening.

At 6 pm we drove out to Leitner Lake where a couple from our ward held their wedding reception. They were married this afternoon in the South Carolina Columbia Temple and held the reception out at the lake. It was beautiful. The temperature was perfect and the scenery spectacular. When we walked out onto the deck  back by the lake, Elder Gowans saw someone who he thought he recognized. So when able he walked over to meet him; he was the groom's father. As we got to talking we found out we both served together at Barksdale AFB; he was a Navigator and Radar Navigator the same as Elder Gowans. He was also a student at Navigation school while Elder Gowans was an instructor there. What a small world. We had a real nice visit together and the reception was lovely.
 The Bride's Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Garland
 Half the crowd out on the deck
 The other half of the crowd
 Our friends, Brother and Sister Tenney
 The Bride and Groom, Bethany Garland and George Phillips
 Our friends, Brother and Sister Goff
 Grandparents of the Groom
 Parents of both Bride and Groom
 Bethany with her in-laws
 George and his in-laws
Elder Gowans and Dennis Phillips, two old Radars

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