Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What a crazy day! This morning Elder Gowans headed off to pick Brother Woodley to take his new car in to have a breathalyzer installed. Since he is now able to have his license restored, he first has to prove that he will obey the law and not drink and drive. We met the car sales lady at the garage; she drove the new car from the dealeship to the garage and then had a partner drive her back. So Brother Woodley started the process and Elder Gowans drove the car into the garage. He asked how long of an operation this would be; he was told an hour to an hour and a half. He then left and picked up Sister Gowans and together they headed off to the church early so Sister Gowans could get some piano practice accomplished prior to our Zone Training Meeting. We found the Zone Leaders already there setting up for the meeting. Elder Gowans brought along the LDS FRG fliers to give to the Elders and Sisters to take to church on Sunday and pass out to all our Military Families. With that accomplished, he left to go pick up Brother Woodley and take him to get his license. However, when he arrived he found that they were having problems getting the device installed. After waiting some time, he needed to leave, go pick up Sister Gowans from the Zone Training Meeting and take Sister Hochestetler, one of our AIT student's wife, to the airport. She was flying out to Washington State to be with family for a couple of weeks and take in a concert that she was treating herself to upon her graduation from College.

After we dropped her off at the airport, Elder Gowans took Sister Gowans back to the apartment and he went back to the shop to see how things were progressing with Brother Woodley and his new car. He found that everything was done, so they left for DDS, Department of Driving Services. Upon our arrival, we found a long line. After waiting for a while it was finally our turn. After Brother Woodley gave the attendant all his documents, she asked him where his document from the judge was. He told her that the lady at the court house told him that all he needed to do was to present the documents he had and that would suffice. Well, the lady at DDS said, "Well, that was the way it was a month or two ago, but not any more." Poor Brother Woodley, he is now going to have to wait until he can get the missing document, which may be as soon as this week, or he may have to wait until the judge comes in, which won't be until the 21st! So we drove his new car back to the dealership, we still needed to give them a copy of his license, but without a license he cannot legally have the car non-the-less drive. They agreed to take the car and store it for him until everything was settled! What a nice place to do business. They then agreed to take us both back to the shop so Elder Gowans could pick up his car. He did so and then took Brother Woodley home. This saga will continue!

Upon arriving home, it was nearly dinner time. After having no lunch, Elder Gowans was hungry. We made up some taco salad, then the Elders called and said their dinner appointment cancelled so we invited them to come have some dinner with us. Right after dinner, Elder Gowans left for Branch Presidency meeting and once that was completed we left for Sister Arnett's house to do some Home Teaching. What a day!

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