Sunday, May 19, 2013

We have had an enjoyable Sabbath Day. After our meetings, which were well attended by our AIT students, we went to visit Sister Janssen for a few minutes to take her a copy of the May issue of the Ensign magazine, which is a report of the April General Conference. When we visited last week we introduced to her the Ensign magazine and promised her that we would bring a copy to her. We always have a pile that we offer the soldiers; so we took one from there to give her.

From there we went to visit Sister Sanders and her daughter Leyna. We heard that sister Sanders had been ill so we stopped by to see how she was doing. Apparently she had food poisoning yesterday, but today she is doing much better. She is with child, so there is always a little more of a concern in this condition.

After our short visit with the Sanders we headed to our appointment with the Johnsons. We have been working with them from time-to-time to come out to church. They had come occasionally, but we haven't seen them there now for many months. This evening we encouraged them to use Saturday evening as an extended Sabbath and start getting prepared to for the Sabbath by getting the children bathed, getting the clothes out, getting to bed on time so you can get up on time. We talked about how we often cut ourselves off from our Heavenly Father when stop studying the scriptures, stop praying and stop attending church. We likened that to our little children, that they would never purposely cut themselves off from their parents and we, in our need, are much like our little children. We should never cut ourselves off from God. Our visit was all of 30 minutes and we left them with a prayer and were on our way.

One of our Sister Missionaries asked for a blessing this evening, so we needed to be back at the apartment by 6:30 pm. After the blessing, we invited them over to our apartment for some homemade pizza, and cookies. We had a nice 30 minutes with them, then off they went to finish their evening.

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