Thursday, May 9, 2013

Last night while at dinner in Atlanta, Elder Gowans received a call to give two of our Sister Missionaries blessings. We arranged to do it this morning. So this morning we went out to their apartment and Elder Gowans gave them both a blessing.

This evening we drove out to Aiken, SC to visit a young lady and her mother. She is planning on going into the Marine Corp after high school graduation. We enjoyed a nice meal with them and her sister and her family. In fact, the sister has twin boys, and is now expecting twin girls, they will be 6 years a part in age. Anyway, we spoke with her of some of the difficulties she will encounter and how to over come them. We talked about learning how to prioritize her time and learning to put first things first. For example, do I go out with battle buddies on Sunday to the Mall, or do I stand up for what I should do and that is go to my church meetings. We run into these problems all the time here with our AIT students. We showed her a video clip of President Packer who had served in the Air Corp during World War II and also of President Hinckley addressing our military members. We had a nice evening.

Don't forget to look at the previous post that we posted this morning talking about yesterday's wild day!

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