Saturday, May 4, 2013

This morning we were successful in meeting and greeting several of our troops, one in particular who always seemed to be gone when we tried to find her. Sister Monitor, came to church a few months ago, but we hadn't seen her since. We finally caught up with her today and found out she is going to be med boarded out of the army due to several different issues affecting her legs, hips and back. So she may be here for another year while all this process goes through. We hope she will come out to church and let us help and fellowship her. At least now we know what is going on.

We had two great baptisms today. Brother Patrick Dion Collier and Sister Stephanie Michelle Janssen. Sister Janssen got lost on the way to church, but finally made it. Better late than never. When Elder Gowans stepped down into the water he found it extremely way too hot. So we had to delay the baptisms for another 10 minutes while we cooled the water down to a comfortable level. We had a wonderful afternoon.

This evening Elder Gowans made 4 of his death by chocolate and peanut butter pies to take tomorrow to the linger longer; he was asked to bring them by Brother Palmer who will be leaving for home this week. Here are some photos of the baptism.
 Elder Gowans and Brother Collier

 The Erwins, they are great members of the church, there is nothing they wouldn't do for you.
 Our Elders
Sister Janssen in the white flanked by her good friends who helped her find the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All their husbands are deployed. The little girl on the far right, is Layna, she is the young lady we have been teaching and preparing for baptism. Once her father returns, she will be baptized.

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