Thursday, May 30, 2013

This morning we had our DDM; Elder Gowans had been asked to provide the training for the District. He felt inspired to instruct on Spiritual Gifts and tie it into the teachings from Preach My Gospel page 115, which is the first page of the chapter entitled "Christ-like Attributes". Christ-like attributes are attributes that Christ, Himself, posses and because they are His attributes, in order for us to acquire them, we must receive them in the form of a Gift, a Spiritual Gift. So we listed many Spiritual Gifts on the chock board, then we listed some of the weaknesses we have as missionaries and matched them up with the Spiritual Gifts we needed to seek to obtain that would help turn those weaknesses into strengths.

This evening we prayed that we would find one of our Sister's home, who we had not heard from in a long time, Sister Budge. We drove out to her home and a miracle did happen, she was home. We had a nice visit with her. We found out that her husband, who is in Egypt, will be transferred to some base in Colorado upon the completion of his deployment. We had a real good visit with her and again offered our services to her and told her that it would be our honor to serve her in anyway and at anytime she felt she needed us.

Afterward we went to drop off a set of the military edition of the scriptures to a Sister who will deploy next week. We missed seeing her as tonight she went to the temple for the very first time. When we told her Bishop after returning home this evening, he was so pleased to hear that she had made it there.

Next, we went to see Sister Mitton and her family. Leah and Parker were home so we had a nice visit with them. Sister Mitton is still struggling with personal family issues, but we know she will have the Spiritual strength to get through it.

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