Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last night, at midnight, Elder Gowans went to the airport to pick up the wife of one of our AIT students. He drove her up to the post to get her car and then followed her half way home to ensure she was safely on her way. This was the second trip to the airport in two days. Then the following morning we were up and off to the library for our weekly service there. We did go a little late so that Elder Gowans could get a little extra sleep. This afternoon we attended the graduation of Brother Ward. He was converted to the Church while at Basic training, and then while here his wife lost the baby they were expecting, so we sent word to the missionaries out there, they contacted her, ministered to her needs and she was eventually baptized. A great story, uniting the family in the gospel.
 Brother Ward
 Ward in formation after Graduation. He is in the back row 1st soldier
 Brother Ward and his Battle Buddy
 15th Brigade Graduation Ceremony
We will miss Brother Ward!

This evening we visited with Brother Derouen who was baptized a few months ago. He seems to be doing real well; he is hoping to reclassify, meaning get a new job in the Army.

Next we went to see Brother and Sister Norris. They are the couple that was converted and baptized about a year before our arrival. He was a baptist minister at one time, found the gospel, which answered all his questions, gained a testimony and was baptized. We had a nice visit with them.

From there we dropped in on the Tenneys. He will be going TDY for about 4 months come July. So we will be keeping an eye on Sister Tenney for him and helping her in anyway we can as we do our other sisters whose husbands are gone.

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