Wednesday, March 19, 2014

During our service at the Library this morning, Elder Gowans received a phone call from Donnie Johnson asking if we were on post. He told him we were and he replied if we could come pick him up for his Doctor's appointment or if we could jump his car, the battery was dead. Elder Gowans drove over to his house and we got everything hooked up and his car started right up. It went really quickly, before he knew it he was back at the Library doing his assigned tasks.

This afternoon we attended the graduation of Brother Benjamin Boone; he is the nephew of Joseph Boone of those in the family who know the Boone family. Also, graduating was Brother Bamford; he was a battle buddy to Brother Carapezza who graduated last week; although not a member of the church, Brother Bamford came to church with Carapezza quite regularly. His parents are baptist missionaries in the Philippines.

 Brother Bamford
Brother Boone

This evening we visited the Sanders Family prior to Brother Sanders deploying to Latin America where he will serve for four months and then return home. Not too terrible of an assignment to be gone only four months. Afterwards, we dropped in on the Powers family, they just had a baby boy, very cute, a lot of dark black hair. Then we dropped in on the Alberts, but they were not home. From there we drove to the airport where we picked up Sister Malcom who was returning from a visit with her husband in Dubai. She had a wonderful time with him and enjoyed this most interesting country. She may see him again in either August or December.

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