Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This afternoon after our library service and Sister Gowans' PT, we attended AIT graduation. We thought only 3 of our students were graduating, but low and behold we had 6! One of them, Sister Shelton, is not a member, although she is married to a member and has been investigating the church. The family photo is her plus her parents and siblings. We had a short, but nice visit with them.
Sister Shelton is on the far right.
This young lady is Sister Garcia; she is a very sweet, lovely young lady. She is heading to Germany, we wish her all the best.
Brother Begay, he is a Navajo Indian. We also wish him all the best.
The Wickham Family. Beautiful family.
Brother Carapezza, a wonderful young man. He was the top graduate of all classes graduating today. 
On the left is Brother Anderson. A fun young man to be around. His battle buddy on the right, Brother Rogers, came out and we enjoyed having him too. 
After graduation, we zipped on over to the church to have our final interview with President Cottle. We love the Cottles and will look forward to the time when we can see them again, after their mission is complete. 

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