Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This morning, we attended our weekly District Development Meeting; Elder Judson had prepared instruction for us on the topic of making contacts. He went through 6 different ideas of how we can all do better in making contacts and introducing the Gospel.

Then, this afternoon, we took Sister Malcom to the airport to catch a plane for her trip to Dubai to meet up with her husband who she has only been with a few times over the past 5 years. She was so excited, we hope they have a wonderful week together.

This evening, we had an appointment with the Azbill family. We had a real nice visit with them; they have 4 children, two of each. He has just returned home from a deployment and is now back with the family. Previous to his deployment, they had been living in Germany; so this is the first time living back in the United States for four years. During the deployment, his wife and children stayed in Florida with her parents. After our visit with them, we dropped in on the Hicken family and the Anderson Family. Brother Hicken is still waiting for his results of his Med Board; his wife is about 8 months pregnant and suffers from migraines. Brother Anderson recently went through foot surgery to correct an injury, which occurred clear back in high school. He is recovering well! It has been a good day.

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