Tuesday, March 4, 2014

This morning, two of our LDS soldiers attending the Advanced Leadership Course graduated and headed on home. Brother Green, a vary generous fellow, had his wife send him two of his suits, which he in turn then gave them to the Augusta ward so they could be given to someone who needed them. He also bought a young man a pair of shoes, socks, shirt and a belt. Brother Dayley, the second fellow, was very active in attending our activities. He came to all the activities we offered as often as he could. He is stationed at McDill AFB, FL, so it won't be likely we will see him again. Many of the others who come through are from Utah, so it is very likely we will all be able to get together at some future time.

 Brother Dayley
Brother Green

This evening, we had a nice visit with the Janssen family. We went over with them the commandments and their importance in our lives; how by keeping them they provide order to our lives, protection and safety, and how they bless us with direction in becoming more like our Heavenly Father.

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