Saturday, March 29, 2014

This morning, we had three new soldiers to go out and meet and we found and visited with all three of them. The first soldier, Brother Landfeld has been here for 5 weeks or so, but we've always seemed to miss him. He is a very nice young man with very short, dark, red hair. We had a nice visit with him and learned that he is from Lehi, UT. Next, we went to find a fellow who had referred himself to the missionaries via We found him with the help of one of his battle buddies. He happened to be on Fire Guard duty this morning. As we approached he seemed genuinely happy to see us. But then we learned that he had not referred himself, but his fiance had put in the referral. We asked him if she was LDS and he said, "I don't know, maybe". Very strange, but true. So we had a nice visit and invited him to come out to church and sit down with the missionaries and learn about us. He said he would. The last fellow, we went to meet was a newly baptized fellow who was baptized while in basic training. His name is Brother Sheffield. We had a real nice visit with him and he, too, said he would come out to church with us; we are hoping that all these young men will keep their word and come out.

With the Women's conference in session at this time, Elder Gowans went out with the zone leaders do help do some teaching while sister Gowans is at the conference.

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