Thursday, March 6, 2014

This afternoon, we had a real nice visit with Sister Swartz, one of our lonely ladies. Ironically, she was diagnosed with a torn meniscus about the same time Sister Gowans' meniscus was repaired. When we would visit her in the past, she would often comment on her own knee and how sore it was. We suggested that she have an MRI done on it, she did and now she will  have hers operated on, on the 17th of this month. Her mother and father in law, along with her grandfather, will come into town and see to her and the family's needs. We asked her to call on us if she should continue to need assistance after they leave. We will contact her before her operation as well as after to make sure everything is well. Three weeks afterwards her and the family are planning a get-away, so she is hoping that by then her knee will feel all better.

We were supposed to go see Sister Malcom this afternoon, as well, but she called and said she is under the weather, so we will see her on Saturday. She told us over the phone that she got the job she was after, she was thrilled!

This evening, we had a nice visit with Brother Wood; we hadn't seen him for a while, but we happened upon him in the commissary last week and got his new address. He had moved into the Grovetown ward sometime ago, but we had never been able to get over to see him. So it was nice to renew our friendship with him and his daughter, Olivia. He will probably be moving back to Pensacola this May. We will see him one more time before our mission is completed to introduce him to Elder and Sister Morris.

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