Thursday, March 27, 2014

This afternoon, Elder Gowans assisted our young Elders in teaching a young lady in her home. She is very excited about learning all she can from them. In fact, she didn't think she was going to make the appointment, so she called to let the Elders know; we had already arrived at her home, but then as we got back in the car, she called again and said she would be back home in 30 minutes. So Elder Gowans took them to get a quick sandwhich at Subway and then we drove right back to her home and found her there. We studied the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and then read the first chapter together. We left her with all smiles.

This evening Elder and Sister Meacham took us to dinner at the Olive Garden. We had a very enjoyable evening together. After dinner we returned to their apartment and finished a game of Phase 10 we had begun a couple of weeks ago. We will miss them, but then we will likely see them again in June once they complete their mission.

Elder and Sister Morris will complete their MTC training tomorrow and then will return to Texas on Saturday and will begin their journey out here that evening. They will stop off in Houstin for a day or two and then press on here to Augusta. We anticipate their arrival on Wednesday or Thursday.

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