Saturday, March 8, 2014

Last week, we had a new soldier arrive here at Fort Gordon by the name of Colby Wildman. He is one of the few of whom we had not received any prior notification of his coming. What a wonderful young man. When he learned that we would be attending the temple the following weekend, he wanted to go. We gave him a copy of the permission slip and told him he needed to get it turned in on Monday to his Cadre so that they would have the opportunity to approve it in time. Well, come Friday when we were following up to see who was coming, he texted back saying that he hadn't heard anything. So we told him we would come by his barracks in the morning, pick him up, take him to his CQ with a battle buddy, and see what was going on. So we did just that. We picked him up at 0710 and drove to pick up another soldier on the way. So we had the two. When we arrived at Brother Wildman's Company and as we were getting out of the car, Elder Gowans said, "Let's go make a miracle happen". So we went into the CQ. It just so happened to be the same Sargent who had accepted Brother Wildman's permission slip, so he was aware of it. He made a phone call to someone who said he didn't know the status. At that point, while we were waiting for some word, Elder Gowans left and took Sister Gowans to the chapel and sent her off with two other soldiers and Elder Gowans then took President Estep back to the CQ. We waited while phone calls were made. Then the desk Sargent, Sargent Smith motioned for us all to come back to a private room. He said this is highly unusual, but we will let him go. Please be careful with him. We gave him our heart-felt gratitude and off we went; a miracle indeed! We all had a wonderful time together.

 The two miracle men, Brother Barnes and Brother Wildman
 Also with us on the trip was Sister Aubrey Lonsberry and Brother Shawn Beck

 Sister Lonsberry
Brother Shawn Beck
After we returned from the temple, we headed over to John and Karen Estep's home, their son Tristan had invited us to his 3rd birthday party. We had a very enjoyable time with all the crowd.
 The Johnsons
 Lydia Estep

 Young Sister Fry
 A couple of the Smith children

 Sister Gardner and Ben
 Sister Fry
 President and Sister Estep's daughter
 Sister Smith
 Karen Estep
 John Estep

 The Estep family

The Johnson Family
After the birthday party we headed over to see Sister Malcom. We learned that she got the job she was after, working for a law firm as a legal assistant. Then we learned also that she is traveling to Dubai to meet up with her husband and spend a week with him there. We are so happy for her!

As you can see and tell, it has been a wonderful, event filled day!

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