Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This morning at the Library, we played the Easter Bunny for their egg hunt next month. Together we stuffed, repaired and counted over 1400 plastic eggs. That was definitely those most interesting couple of hours we've spent at the library!

This afternoon, we had another session of PT for Sister Gowans and then we drove up to GRU (Georgia Regents University) Medical Center to see how the Murrays are getting along. Their son, Timothy, came through his surgery real well; he seemed as though he may have been in some pain while we were their, but otherwise he seemed to be recovering very nicely. Brother and Sister Murray were getting along just fine, just tired. This will probably go on for another week or so.

This evening, we had an appointment with a single soldier on post, but he forgot the appointment so when we arrived he was not at home. Elder Gowans called him and found out he was off post shopping. So we rescheduled the appointment for Friday at 1400. Instead we drove out to see the Stewart family. He had been working nights, but now it sounds as though he is working a position that will keep him on straight days. He is doing project management work. We had a nice visit with them and found them to be all well and happy. From there we went to visit Brother Bryson. He is in the Basic Officer Leadership Course. He has finished and passed all the computer technology requirements, now apparently, they will be focused on what it means to be an army officer.

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