Sunday, March 2, 2014

We decided this morning after our Ward Missionary Correlation Meeting, that we would travel to attend the Grovetown Ward this morning. We are happy that we did. The Murray family, who we had been so involved with, was there and we were able to talk to them and get a brief on their son, Timothy's surgery. Timothy had been born with a severe mental handicap and along with it, as he has grown, he has developed a severe case of scoliosis. Tomorrow, he will under go a near 8 hour surgical procedure to implant a metal rod in his back to straighten out the curvature of his spine. He will be in the hospital around 10 days. The Murray's invited us to come and participate in a blessing at 6 pm that evening.

Along with the Murray's we had a chance to visit with the Goff family. Brother Goff will depart on a deployment in one week. We have been to their home a couple of times in the past, once to give them their predeparture briefing. We will look after Sister Goff until we leave, then we will hand them over to Elder and Sister Morris. We checked to see who was assigned to be their home  teachers. We will make sure that they actively visit her. We were able to visit with several other of our dear friends. We don't know if we will make it back to the Grovetown ward or not; hopefully we will. It will be very sad to leave these, our dear friends.

We had a full agenda this morning when we left the house, but then as the day wore on we had three families drop out who we had planned to visit. The Janssen family postponed their appointment with us until Tuesday, Sister Stott, until Monday and Johnsons have colds running through the family. That gave us time to visit several of our AIT students who were not at church and give them a permission slip to attend the temple with us this coming Saturday. It looks like we will have 6 or 7 attend with us. This is one activity that really ignites these young men and women; they love getting off post and going to the temple!

So this evening, we were able to spend some choice time with the Murrays. We love this family and will keep them in our prayers.

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