Saturday, March 15, 2014

This morning, we did splits with the Esteps. President Estep and Elder Gowans went out together to meet the male soldiers and Sister Estep and Sister Gowans visited the female soldiers. The ladies found only Sister Nielson at home, but the Brethren were able to find and visit 9 young men. This will leave us a few to find and visit next week. We did learn that we have one young man here that we didn't know we had; we have no idea where he is located, so we will have to do some searching. He hasn't answered our calls or texts.

This afternoon, we had dinner and a nice visit with Sister Mitton. We will sure miss our association with her. After our visit with her, we drove back to Augusta and visited with two of our student soldiers and their families. The Drapers and the Richards live in the same apartment complex. Both of them will be on active duty, both of them had their wives come out and join them as soon as they were able to make the arrangements. The Drapers have two small boys and the Richards are newly weds and are preparing to go to the temple. We are very excited for them. We had a very pleasant visit with both families.

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