Friday, March 7, 2014

This morning we attended our Zone Training Meeting with the entire zone of missionaries. We had to leave an hour and  half into it so Sister Gowans could attend her physical therapy appointment. Afterwards, we were supposed to have had an appointment with a young man on Post, but when we texted him to confirm, he was on his way to a movie. So this was his second no show for us. So then he asked about church on Sunday, so we hope he will come out. He rarely came out while he was an AIT student, we didn't even know he was still on post here, we thought he had gone home. But come to find out he is still here and has never come out; hopefully we can change that by encouraging him to pray, study his scriptures and have a desire to partake of the Sacrament.

This evening, we had another great Institute class. We began our studies of the Pearl of Great Price, studying the Creation. We studied how in all our scripture, there are three accounts of the creation: One from Jehovah's perspective, one from Abraham's and one from Moses's perspective. We may wonder why there are so many accounts. Well, we came up with a couple: 1) A testimony to the creation, that we did not come about by chance. 2) When we learn the purpose of the creation, we learn that it was for our benefit, to bring about our immortality and eternal life. 3) We learn that our agency is a gift from God and has been since we were spiritually created, and given again when we were physically created at the end of the creative period. We are very grateful how Heavenly Father guides us through these lessons that they always turn out very edifying and how they lift and inspire each one who attends.

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