Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This morning, we attended our weekly DDM, boy is time slipping by fast; it seems like we just did it! But here we are again enjoying the camaraderie of the missionaries.

After our meeting ended, we hurried home, ate lunch and then attended  two sessions of a webinar sponsored by the VA to help those who work with the military understand better what they can do to assist with the various mental, spiritual, emotional conditions that many of them have after returning home from combat. Each session lasted an hour and a half. Also, during all this we began the process to ensure that all our books are up-to-date and ready to hand over to Elder and Sister Morris after they arrive and upon our departure. We will be meeting with our various representatives in each ward to get an update on any move ins or outs of military families.

This evening, we had the opportunity to visit with Brother and Sister Halford and Sister Arnett. Sister Halford was up and around and seemed to be doing as well as we have seen her. She suffers from several different maladies and is often down when we come by to visit. Sister Arnett is getting to that point in her life where she would really like to retire and move on in life and do things, like family history, that would be enjoyable and interesting for her. She enjoys traveling and visiting sites of historical significance. We love these folks and look forward to our continued association with them.

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