Saturday, March 22, 2014

This morning, we arose extra early and headed up to Post to drive to the temple with Sister Sanders and her two children, Leyna and Westin. She had not been able to get back to the temple since she was originally endowed due to difficulties experienced after giving birth to Westin. Sister Gowans and Sister Brosnahan attended with Sister Sanders and Elder Gowans kept Leyna and Westin in the waiting room of the temple and also took them for a walk and did some shopping at the Book Store. Here are some photos Elder Gowans and Leyna took:

 Leyna and Westin at the Temple

 Elder Gowans and Westin at the temple

Leyna, Westin and Crystal in front of the temple

After returning to Fort Gordon, we tried to find a couple of students, but they were checked out so we will look for them tomorrow. We then drove into Grovetown and visited with Sister Malcom for a while; she has recovered from her long journey to be with her husband in Dubai; she is still riding the wave of gratitude for the opportunity to be with him. 

Just down the street from our apartment stands this duplex, yes, with a tree laying on top of it. 

A few more photos that Leyna shot during her experimentation with Elder Gowans' camera. 

 She learned to use the zoom function

 This is Stacey, she was waiting for her ward to finish their work; little Westin took a real liking to her!
 The prophet Joseph Smith
 Our Savior Jesus Christ
 Jesus at the temple in the New World

 Hello Stacey 
 Silly Leyna

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