Monday, April 15, 2013

Another tragic day for our world as terrorists struck a senseless blow to the Boston Marathon. We wonder why, why would people do this? What do they hope to accomplish? There is so much evil in the world. The world needs the gospel of Jesus Christ. It needs the peace that comes from knowing who we are, that we are children, sons and daughters of God, who loves us. He loves us so tremendously that He gave us our agency, whereby we become agents to ourselves, free to choose our path in life, whether good or evil. We have all been hurt by those who choose to do evil, we have all been blessed by those who choose to do good. Without agency nothing would be possible, neither good nor evil. God must allow us to choose for ourselves, so that His judgments will be just and so that we can see what kind of people we truly are; are we the kind of person who will choose to do what is right, choose to do good, choose to love, choose to be selfless? Or are we the opposite. Whatever we are, we will learn, God will judge us righteously according to the works we do while in this sphere of existence. Someday peace will be the way of life, Jesus will be our King, we will be His faithful followers and we will enjoy all the good that life has to offer. Until then, we must do our part to bring peace, joy and happiness to our little sphere of influence, our family and friends.

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