Sunday, April 21, 2013

This morning we attended our first meetings with the Augusta ward. In the past the Augusta ward always met at 1300 so we were never able to attend since it conflicted with the Branch meetings on Post. Since the realignment of boundaries and the Grovetown ward moving to the Harlem building and their meeting time changing to 1300, the Augusta ward, all alone in their building, moved their meeting time to 1000. So today being the day that their meeting time changed, we began attending their meetings. All members living on Fort Gordon now attends the Augusta ward. We can only attend for two hours, after which we need to get on our way up to the Branch meetings.

This evening, after our meetings ended, we visited with the Sanders family. Eylana, the 8 year old daughter, is wanting to be baptized. We completed the lessons with her this evening and now she will simply wait until her dad returns from his deployment in June; after which her family will come into town and she will be baptized.

This evening, Elder Gowans attended High Priest Quorum meeting and then a Stake General Priesthood meeting, generally held twice a year.

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