Saturday, April 13, 2013

This morning we had 5 soldiers come out to attend the temple with us. Brothers Voorhees, Palmer, Meadows, Hoschtetler and Edwards. This was brother Edwards first trip since being baptized back in December while at basic training. He had texted us earlier in the week saying he felt unworthy to get a temple recommend and attend the temple. We texted back asking him to bring it up with President Estep. We did not hear back from him. Then this morning we find out that Brother Hoschtetler brought him and he did indeed go in for an interview, and President Estep found him worthy to attend the temple. It is indeed a miracle! We had a wonderful and safe trip. So Brothers Edwards and Palmer did baptisms while the others all endowed members, went on an endowment session.

After returning home, we returned to post to take Sister Bodley her Baptismal Certificate that came to us in the mail. We had a nice visit with her, she committed to coming to church tomorrow. Then we went to find 3 other soldiers. We found them all in the same company and we also learned that one was not a member, but desire baptism. Brothers Ebell, Howell, and Adams. After visiting with them for a few minutes, we called one other fellow, who we had talked to before, but had not met. He didn't answer, so we decided to return home. As we were traveling down Gordon Hwy, he called us so we turned around, went back to Post and met up with him; we found out that he is in the same barracks as Brother Meadows, so now they both have a good battle buddy. While we were waiting for Brother Nation to come out and see us, Brother Meadow just happened to come up; so we were able to have them introduce themselves to each other. We hope they will be able to become friends and help each other out. What a great work! Heavenly Father opens the way before us and is at our side at all times.

Temple Trip Photos:
 Brother Palmer and Edwards
 Brother Hoschtetler, Palmer and Edwards
 Same as above, I had them remove their caps so we could see their faces.
 Brother Palmer and Edwards
Brother Voorhees, Palmer and Meadows

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