Thursday, April 4, 2013

This morning Elder Gowans took one of our investigators to Aiken, SC to obtain a copy of his birth certificate so that he and his live in partner could get married. He had not had much opportunity to get to know this gentleman, but he is quite a nice fellow, very quiet, but very much a nice fellow. He said he had first met his wife to be while she and her children were living in a homeless shelter; as he got to know them and was able to give them some help and assistance, that they fell in love and decided to move in together. It makes you wonder, do people not even think about getting married, or is the state of today's society simply to move in together? Once married, and once word of wisdom issues are taken care of, then they have committed to be baptized.

This evening we had a nice visit with Sister Arnett. She lives quite a ways out north of us in Evans. She has been single all her life and works as a librarian out on Post. She is growing more disgruntled with her job every day. She has her little home up for sale, but as of yet has not had any serious looks. She does not know what the Lord has in store for her in her future, but she knows that there is something waiting just around the corner. She talked to us for nearly 2 1/2 hours this evening, she had a lot to off load, which was good, hopefully it will help her feel better.

Here are some more photos of our Charleston trip: The Nathaniel Russell house; no photos were allowed in this home, unfortunately, so you will only see exterior photos here.Some of the flowers that I posted earlier were taken around this home. Mr. Russell was a very wealthy Rhode Island merchant who had many dwellings, this being his Charleston home.

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