Friday, April 26, 2013

This afternoon we had the opportunity to meet two of our young Elders and take them up to the Post to meet with Sister Janssen. We met with her a week ago last Monday, so it has been about 11 days or so since we met with her that first time. When we entered her home having not seen her for those 11 days we were amazed at how much she has grown spiritually. She has been studying, praying, learning and growing spiritually. It was incredible the difference that these 11 days had made. When we met with the missionaries the first time she knew literally nothing about God, religion, and Jesus; now she talks and responds to our discussions almost as a seasoned veteran. It is incredible what the Holy Spirit can do when a person gives her or himself over to Him to be taught.

This evening we had another very nice institute class. We discussed Law as found in Section 42 of the Doctrine and Covenants. The Lord promised His people that He would reveal the Law to them that would be necessary to build up Zion and for us to become a Zion people. We had a small, but good group of people in attendance.

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