Monday, April 8, 2013

Today, Monday, we took care of our morning Red Cross work, took my suit in for a dry cleanning and then came home and began work on Friday's institute class, which will cover lesson 15. We were thinking that a year ago at this time we were waiting for our mission call, and on our way to Orlando  for our 3 week vacation, boy how time flies.

Next group of photos:

Our Ferry 
 Fort Sumter: The walls used to be 50 feet high!

 The center of the Fort was open with the 50 foot walls offering protection to the soldiers. The following photos show the still present destruction that the Fort took.

 10/12lb ball with hollow points to pack in shrapnel.
 The original flag that flew over the Fort.

 This piece would blow up in mid air and spread the smaller balls throughout the area. OUCH! if it hit you in the head.

The brown piece in the middle is a piece of artillery sticking through the brick wall.

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