Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This afternoon we attended Brother Voorhees' graduation from AIT. He has been a very fine asset to our programs. He and Brother Palmer try to attend all of our activities. Elders Heywood and Litwack came also; they are our missionary pair who support us on Post.

This evening we went to visit Brother Delong. He is a wonderful man who is currently coming back into activity in the church. He received his scriptures that we helped him purchase last week, so we walked him through them from front to back, showing him all the different tools in the scriptures that will help make the scriptures more meaningful.

I took some photos at the graduation; I also took some photos outside of the Signal Towers so you can see what the Post looks like from the tallest building on Post, other than the hospital.
 This Cannon was made from Church Bells during the Civil war to help assist the war effort.
 The Signal Towers is the main classroom for all the AIT students. It is named "Signal Tower" as the Soldiers are called "Signal Soldiers".
 In front of the Signal Towers are these two auditoriums, where most of the graduations are held.
 One of the newly refurbished barracks where our AIT students live.
 The Mall
 An old barracks undergoing refurbishment.
 The main street down through the Post. It is called Chamberlain. You are looking easterly.
 Brother Voorhees
 Elder Litwack, Brother Voorhees and Elder Heywood.
 You know who!
 Their company all formed up prior to marching back to the barracks.

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