Monday, April 1, 2013

This evening we attended our family home evening; for the activity all our children will be pleased to know that we played Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We had lots of laughs, everyone really enjoyed it.We also made plans for our next 3 months of FRG meetings, made plans to get one of our troops in for a temple recommend and another who wants to visit his fellow troops with us on Saturday mornings.

Here are some more photos from our Charleston trip. These are simply some random shots that we took to show some of the rather typical homes that we saw as we walked the streets. The fourth, fifth and sixth homes down you will notice are facing sideways to the street. This was very common. The homes were built this way with a piazza to help block the sun and heat from the house. Some of the homes were built very close together, so close, that there may only have been a foot of clearance between roofs. 

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