Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This morning we accomplished our library service. We were off there for nearly 3 months as it was going through extensive remodeling. Elder Gowans conducts inventory while Sister Gowans does shelf reading; or making sure the books are in the correct order.

This afternoon we attended a graduation for the Ordinance soldiers. Most of the students that come through here are Signal Students, but we have a small group who are in the Ordinance Battalion. We had two LDS soldiers who graduated, we saw on the roster there was a young fellow from Farr West, UT, we wondered if he might be LDS too, if he was he never let anyone know.
 Brother Bailey in the center with two of his buddies.
Brother Thompson
This evening we had a real nice visit with a family who recently arrived in the area. He is a Major in the army and is going through field grade officer school here. He will be here about 7 months, then they will move on again. They attend the Harlem ward. They have no children, so we invited them to come out to our FHE and Institute class. We also invited them to come out to the FRG on Saturday. Also this evening we took Brother Woodley up to Home Depot again. This is the 3rd time. He is doing a lot of things in his home and he doesn't have a driver's licence, so he has to depend on others to drive him here and there. So for the past week or two he has been calling upon us, which is fine. We are happy to assist.  

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