Saturday, April 27, 2013

This morning we drove up to post as normal, but today would be different. The stake had a Women's Conference, so we were hoping that some of our Sister Soldiers would want to go. All had declined to attend except one; so we went up with the hope that she would show up. She was on Fireguard duty all night, but we assume she didn't make it past the bed. We don't blame her. Sister Gowans took the car and drove up to the Stake Center, Elder Gowans stayed behind and visited many soldiers. At 1100 the Brigade held an appreciation BBQ for all the soldiers in the Brigade, which consists of mostly students. All who helped out last Christmas with the feeding of 3600 soldiers as they left for Holiday Block Leave were given a certificate of appreciation. Several of us from the branch received a certificate. They served ribs, fish, hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, hush puppies and drinks. It was a nice affair. 

After the BBQ was completed and the Stake Women's Conference concluded, Sister Gowans picked up Elder Gowans and we drove home and prepared for our evening adventures. We had an appointment at 1800 in an area where we have several families, three with husbands who are gone, two part member families and a couple of others. So we left early from the apartment and stopped in to see all the families we could. We had short, but nice visits with most of them. We love these families! The Stott family with whom we had the appointment was feeding the Spanish Elders when we arrived. After they left we had a short visit with the Stotts. She is from the Dominican Republic, hence that is why the Spanish Elders were there. They have two cute little girls. Sister Stott is in the process of becoming a citizen, they simply need to send in the paper work and then go through the tests and other processes to get it complete. It has been a fine day!

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