Friday, April 5, 2013

This evening in our Institute class we studied D&C 30-34, emphasizing the fact that all nine men in these sections were called to preach the gospel; then we studied the counsel the Lord gave to each of them and the promises that were made to them as did as they were commanded. The promises are truly inspiring, we had each student state which of the promises he thought was most inspiring to themselves. Brother Woodley came out with us today, he seems to be doing much better. We are happy that his health has improved so much.

More photos :)
 The Heyward-Washington House: Rice planter Daniel Heyward built the house in 1772 for his son,Thomas Heyward, Jr., who became a patriot leader and was a signer of the Declaration of IndependenceIn May 1791, the City of Charleston rented the house for use by George Washington during his week-long stay, and thus the house became traditionally known as the “Heyward-Washington House."

 Our guide stated that this piece of furniture was worth in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

 This piece was a companion to the above piece. Not nearly worth as much, but still a very nice piece.
 The back of the house.

 The kitchen, laundry and slave quarters
 The stable
 Inside the kitchen and laundry
 The stairs up to their quarters.

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