Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Today has been a busy, but fun day! It all began this morning when we attended our weekly District Development Meeting at the Chapel. The meeting lasted from 10:30 to about noon. From there we headed home, grabbed some lunch and then took our young missionaries to an appointment on base. We met with a young lady from Alaska. She is the wife of a deployed soldier in Iraq. She heard of the church from her good LDS friends. She knows little about religion, about our Savior or God. The young Elders did a good job beginning her education. As she listened to and participated in the lesson you could tell the Spirit was working on her; at the conclusion of the lesson, she committed to be baptized early next month. She has a lot of learning ahead of her, but it will be exciting and very rewarding for her.

After the appointment with Sister Janssen, we dropped the missionaries off at their car and then we headed to Brother Woodley's home to take him shopping at Home Depot. We also did some shopping for us for the FRG Saturday. Elder Gowans will teach a gardening class. We got Brother Woodley back just in time for us to go directly to an appointment with the Wagstaff family out in Harlem, they are in the Navy. We knocked on her door about 30 seconds late. Sister Wagstaff let us in, but apologized as she had forgotten about a baseball game he was involved in. We had a real nice visit with her. She is very sweet with a kind and gentle personality. We got to know her and talked a lot about our various experiences. While giving the thought, Elder Gowans asked her what she thought of when she thought of Heaven. She began to weep and we learned that her parents have not been getting along well. We talked about somethings she could do that might help, particularly since she will be going home for her youngest sister's high school graduation. We did the best we could to encourage her and we said our goodbyes and left.

From there we went to the Estep's, our Branch President for a Home Teaching Visit. We had a nice visit with them, talked shop a little and straightened out some things, Sister Gowans gave them a good lesson and then we left for home.

We have had a fine day.

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