Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our Sabbath Day began at 0730 this morning with our Ward Missionary Correlation Meeting at our Augusta Chapel. Here we discuss those who are investigating the church and how we can all support their efforts.

Afterwards, we came home and did our scripture study then went back for our church meetings. The Augusta ward is putting to good use all the members that were transferred in with the boundary change. Today several were sustained in new callings, including a new Elder's Quorum President.

From our meetings in the Augusta ward, we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed up to the Post to attend our Branch meetings. We had a wonderful turnout, many of our soldiers came to include some new folks who were there for the first time. We also have two young men who are investigating the church; we hope that they continue to do the things that will build their testimonies, pray, study their scriptures and come to church.

After our branch meetings we went to visit some of our members on post; the Walker family is getting ready to separate from the Army. He is a musician, a wonderful singer. Brother Walker, will attend FSU to obtain his doctorate in music arts. We will miss his beautiful family. We also visited the Wooley family and Marshal Anthony and found out he will be out of the army in 3 weeks. The Wooley family is planning on moving to St. George where they have family. We wish them the best also.

We have lots of families to visit, many of them live near each other in neighborhoods around the area, so when we are in such an area, we try to drop in on as many as we can find home and see how they are doing.
 At Zone conference on Tuesday, it was time to inspect mission vehicles. So here we are doing our inspections.

Elder Decker in his ACUs

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