Sunday, April 7, 2013

We had a very special morning. One of our soldiers, whom I have already mentioned in previous posts, is Brother Palmer. He is so excited and enthusiastic about having the priesthood, he mentioned to us that he wants to learn how to Home Teach. We were not sure how we were going to accomplish that, but we thought, who would be really good to visit that would be a very friendly and enjoyable visit. We immediately thought of Brother Callahan who just arrived on post 2 or 3 weeks ago. We gave him a call to see if he would be willing to meet early Sunday morning. He was very agreeable. So we arranged to meet Brother Palmer and his battle buddy, Brother Voorhees at 8 am at the Friendship chapel. At that time we would teach him a little about Home Teaching and then go visit Brother Callahan. We met up with them as planned and while sitting in the car we talked about the importance of Home Teaching, how the Home Teacher is the eyes and ears of the Bishop, they are the arms, hands, legs and feet of the Lord. We told him that the Lord does not come and shovel snow off walks, mow lawns, bring in meals and so forth, He expects us to take up that responsibility and duty. We talked about giving lessons and what to talk about and how to coordinate that with the parents. Once we arrived at Brother Callahan's barracks, we all sat down and talked a little to get to know each other, after a while we told brother Palmer to give his lesson. The look on his face was priceless, but he stepped up to the plate and hit a homer. He expressed his thoughts, feelings, experiences with the scriptures, prayer with his feelings on the resurrection. He did real well, a sweet Spirit accompanied him. We know he will continue to grow and progress and be a great and fruitful member.

We enjoyed conference tremendously. We had a wonderful experience attending with are soldiers who came out. One fellow, Brother Meadows', his wife flew into town and they spent the weekend together and then came to conference with us today. She is about 7 1/2 months pregnant, but doing well, she is really a delightful young lady.

We went over to say goodnight and goodbye to Elder and Sister Berry, we will miss them, they leave for home tomorrow.

More photos! This is Drayton Hall. The builder of this mansion was the youngest son of the  family next door on the Magnolia Plantation, which is next to the Middleton Plantation from yesterday's post. The family owned the place up until about 40 years ago. Part of the agreement is that it will be preserved in it's current condition and not restored, except to keep the building healthy.

This is the way it once looked.
 The front yard.
 As you can tell, it looks like it was all painted with an antique paint; but this is its current look. It is not to be updated or restored.

 The Ceiling in the main,  great room.

 Molding above the door

 The main entrance stair casing.

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