Sunday, January 12, 2014

During the week, we decided to begin attending the Grovetown ward every other week so we could renew our relationships with our military members there and also stay in touch better with our large military population in the ward. While there we met two  new families who had just moved into the ward. We also heard that a new family showed up in the Augusta ward as well. It was wonderful seeing so many of our friends there some we had not seen for nearly 10 months.

After our Branch services ended we had an appointment with the Harpel family in Grovetown. We had a  nice visit with them. They are a nice couple both with Navy backgrounds from their fathers. He is in the Air Force and is a linguist here at Fort Gordon.

This evening the entire district of missionaries met over at the Meachams to complete the plans for their ward activity this weekend, where they will help the members of the ward learn to be better missionaries to their friends and neighbors.

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