Monday, January 27, 2014

We were back at the hospital this morning for our Red Cross service. Nothing much exciting there! It is good go be able to serve those who need the help; they are always very appreciative of the service rendered.

This afternoon, we worked on Friday's institute lesson; this one is a little more involved than others, it has taken a lot of preparation, but we think we have it the way the Lord would want it. It will cover sections 116 and 133. We will be focusing on the second coming of Christ.

This evening, we had an enjoyable FHE. Sister Lonsberry was the only soldier who came out today; something must have come up to keep the others away, otherwise they would have come out. Sister Estep cooked up a big pot of chilli, we brought the leftover oatmeal bars; we all ate very well. In her lessons, Sister Estep has been covering Christ-like attributes. We have studied Faith, Hope and Charity.

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