Sunday, January 5, 2014

This blog post is for 4 January 2014: This afternoon we went out to visit our AIT students who should have all returned to Post. We decided to wait until the afternoon to make sure we didn't interfere with soldiers who got in late who were asleep or formations, which would probably be long. As it turned out, we did wake up a couple who were sleeping and we did run into one formation, but for the most part we had great success in welcoming back 17 of our student soldiers. A couple of them were out, one at the theater, one at the PX and so forth. We found a couple just out and about. It is wonderful to have them back, it has been rather lonesome without them. Today we resume our normal meeting and activity schedule; church services Sunday at1330, FHE Monday at 1900 and Institute of Religion Friday at 1900.

This evening, Elder Gowans was called upon to go with Elder and Sister Meacham to give a blessing to Shae; the doctors found that she has a mass growing in her abdominal cavity, so obviously she is very concerned about that; we are sure she will be fine. Tis been a wonderful day.

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