Sunday, January 26, 2014

Today was Stake Conference Sunday. We attended the conference with the Augusta ward in the Augusta bulding. It was a regional conference, which combined 48 Stakes throughout Florida, Georgia and parts of South Carolina. It was broadcast from Orlando, Florida. Elder Russel M. Nelson presided at the conference and two other General Authorities and area authorities were present as well. We also enjoyed having Sister McConkie of the General Young Women's Presidency. After the conference ended we drove up to post where President Estep had prepared the conference for us to view during our normal church hours.

Sister Gowans and I had already made two appointments with two families in Grovetown during the afternoon hour since we thought we would all be going to the Stake Center to view the conference as normal, but things happened, which allowed us to tape the conference and then show it at our normal time. We also understand that there has been some change of rules about the AIT students going off post; they may now need to be in teams of three. If that is the case, then very few of our soldiers would  have been able to go.

After our appointments we headed back to the Friendship Chapel and joined a few of our soldiers still lingering around. Once they all left, we drove over to see the Johnson's for our weekly visit with them. We discussed with them the importance of making sacrifices.

Tomorrow is Elder Spencer's 21st birthday, so we all met up at the Meachams' apartment to sing happy birthday to him and enjoy donuts and ice cream; since we are still dieting, we didn't induldge.

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