Thursday, January 2, 2014

This morning, we both had a dentist appointment with Dr. Davis. Originally, Elder Gowans' was at 1 pm, but when they saw that Sister Gowans was at 8 am, they moved them both to 8 so we wouldn't have to make two trips.

This afternoon, Elder Gowans took the young missionaries out to visit a few folks; we knocked on the door of Emillio, but he was not home, but his wife was. We had not met her before, so we asked if she would be interested in learning what her husband had been learning from the missionaries, she said she would be. Yeah! We then went to visit a lady who is probably in her 70s, named Lily. She must be a heavy smoker; we taught her how to give up her cigarettes, gave her a blessing to help her and then departed. Elder Gowans had to air out his suit coat and sweater for an hour or two.

This evening, we met with Brother and Sister Bruderer. He has been her at Fort Gordon for several months, probably since July. He suffered a broken collar bone a couple of months ago and when he was finally healed they started him in a class that was 6 weeks behind where he had been. So he will graduate in February. His wife and daughter just joined him about 3 weeks ago. We had a nice visit and encouraged them with some thoughts and ideas that would help strengthen their marriage and each other.

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