Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The weather forcast for the day was a mixture of rain and sleet. As we arose this morning, we had a plan for the day, we checked outside, it was only cloudy. So we proceeded on with our plan. We finished up our apartment inspections with our own district missionaries. Our last visits was to the Zone Leaders. As we visited with them for a few minutes, we counseled them to discuss a matter with the mission leadership to place on their checklists a monthly check of their smoke alarms and CO2 detecters. No where on the checklists does it mention anything about the CO2 detecters. Also, there was no mention to check for a fire extinguisher or to ensure that the pressure indicator was in the green; so that needed to be added also. We told them that as they begin families that this would be something that they do in their own homes. When we inspected the Sister's apartment, we found the CO2 detecter to be dead. We ended up buying them new batteries and a small phillips screw driver to to open up the battery case.

After our inspections were finished, we drove up to Post, still no rain or sleet. We went up to the Friendship chapel to wait for our 1100 appointment with Brother Daley. While we waited, Sister Gowans practised the piano and Elder Gowans studied from the Joseph Fielding Smith Priesthood Manuel. Just before 1100, we drove over to the Academy where Brother Daley is billited. We found him at home and had a nice visit with him.

At the conclusion of our visit, we drove to the PX where we met up with the Esteps and had a nice lunch together of Churches Fried Chicken. We had a nice visit together and from their the ladies went shopping and President Estep and Elder Gowans went to their monthly Chaplains' meeting.

At the conclusion of the meeting, we all headed home. We stopped by Sam's to pick up a few items and by now there was a little drizzle, not much, but we could tell the storm was getting closer. After returning home and after our supper, we checked outside again and found that it was beginning to rain, so we decided to post pone tonight's visit with the Halfords until tomorrow, just in case the rain turned to sleet and then to snow. Not that we don't trust our driving in such conditions, it is the Georgians we do  not trust.

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