Saturday, January 11, 2014

This morning we had great success in finding and visiting with all the remainder of our soldiers that we were not able to visit with last week. Everyone returned safely from their Holiday Block Leave. They all seem anxious to get back to work; we feel also, that many have redetermined to be actively involved in our activites as much as their schedule will allow. For example, Brother Barnes has determined to put in his mission paper work and receive his mission call while here at Fort Gordon. He wants to leave on his mission just as soon as he can after completing his military training. We have another young man, Brother Richards who is determined to obtain the priesthood, be ordained an Elder, be endowed and be sealed to his wife just as soon as he can after he completes his training. There is a lot of good work to do here and we look forward to assisting as much as possible. We love our mission!

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