Sunday, January 5, 2014

This has been a wonderful Sabbath! During our Branch meetings today, we had a young man, Brother Navarette, come out for the first time who had not been out since his arrival; he is a new convert, he was baptized while in Basic Training. We were concerned about him and new we had to visit with him after the Christmas Leave. He is one of the young men we visited yesterday afternoon; when we visited him he said he was reading and praying everyday, but said he hadn't been out to church (which we already knew); we invited him to come out to services today and he did! We were so happy to see him. We asked him if he enjoyed his day and he replyed that he did. We also had another young woman (Sister Flygare) come out who hadn't been out since September. She was so active, then all of a sudden we never saw her for 3 solid months; we did see her when we would visit her, but she didn't come out to any activity. She must have made a resolution to come out and be active again; we hope she will as she leaves to return home in just 3 weeks. We are so happy that all of our soldiers have returned back to Fort Gordon safely; they all seem to be very refreshed and happy after having a wonderful Christmas holiday!

After our services, we visited the Johnson family; they have now been to church two straight weeks! We are very happy about that and they seem to be pleased that their efforts have paid off. Brother Johnson seems to be exercising his responsibilites a little better in ensuring the family is ready to come out; hopefully they will keep it up! Afterward, we dropped in on the Janssen and Sanders families to see if they had made it home; they had, we wished them all a happy New Year and were on our way.

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